Configure Netscaler using Puppet Device

Configure Netscaler using Puppet Device
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This Blog is about using Puppet device to configure your Netscaler.

We (Esther Barthel and Hendricus Kramer) gave a session about this topic at the E2E virtualiation conference in Lisbon Portugal.
I will post the recorded movie as soon as it’s available for those who couldn’t be there.

What does Puppet Device do?

With Puppet Device you can manage (network) devices, like Cisco, Juniper and F5 network devices.
When you have a Citrix Netscaler (version 10.5+), you can use Puppet Device to configure your NetScaler.

You prepare the config on your Puppet Master and Puppet Device will configure your NetScaler exactly as you want and… Puppet Device will keep your NetScaler config like that! That means that nobody can change your NetScaler config if you don’t want to.

And… When you have a new NetScaler (physical or virtual), all you have to do is adding the NetScaler to your Puppet Master and the rest will go on auto pilot.

Okay what do you need to do to accomplish this?

For my E2EVC session i used Puppet Enterprise because of the easy interface and the best compatibility with many Puppetlabs forge modules. The NetScaler module will function better with Puppet Enterprise (!).

Before the Puppet (Enterprise) installation i would recommend to install SSH, as it will make it much easier to configure the Puppet Master and adding the configuration for your NetScaler.

You have to install Puppet Enterprise(!) or Puppet OpenSource which is available here or here.

After installation and basic configuration, you have to install the Puppetlabs-netscaler module.

Change the device config file: (locations are based on Puppet Enterprise, Puppet OpenSource has a bit different locations)

Add the next couple lines to the device.conf file: (change the FQDN and username and password)

Run the Puppet Device agent:

Do not forget to sign the SSL certificate request on the PuppetMaster (!)
When Puppet Device will wait for the certificate, please create a new session to your master and sign the certificate request.
Have some patience as the first run will take some time (5-10 min).

Because we didn’t add a configuration for this node, the NetScaler will stay untouched.

So now it’s time to create a configuration for your NetScaler:

edit the site.pp file:

Add the following code (from my E2EVC presentation):

Ok, this is very basic, but it will give you an idea of the module and how easy it is to configure your NetScaler.

Well just run puppet device again to apply the config to your NetScaler:

Check the module page on for the current list of configuration possibilities.
At this moment the module doesn’t give you all configuration possibilities but Citrix is updating the module with new configuration possibilities. We have to wait for that, or update it by ourselves.

Have fun…! any questions? ask me on

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