The Foreman Windows deployment

The Foreman Windows deployment
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This blog describes how you can use the foreman to deploy a windows machine.

note: This is still under development but can give you a quick start on developing a automated system.


  1. Puppetmaster with the Foreman installed
  2. the Foreman PXE/TFTP function is functional
  3. a Microsoft WDS server
  4. a Windows OS dvd

When you installed a WDS server i can recommend to allow all devices without requiring administrators to approve a new device.

Logon to the Foreman

Step 1: Go to hosts -> Operating Systems -> New operating system

tab: Operating System
name: Windows Server (just give it a name)
major version: 2012 (7 / 8 / 8.1)
minor version: R2
Description: Windows Server 2012 R2
OS Family: Windows

tab: Partition table
choose one (it will not be used, but you must select one)

tab: Installation media
choose one (it will not be used, but you must select one)

click submit

Step 2: Go to: hosts – provisioning templates -> new template

name: Windows WDS
Copy paste this code into the template editor (replace WDS.FQDN with your own FQDN of the WDS)

tab: type


tab: Association

choose the os you added at step 1

Click Submit

Step 3: Go to: hosts – Architectures

click x86_64 and add the Operating System from step 1


You can now create a new host on bare metal or VMware or what else can connect with your WDS and choose the Windows PXE boot and the Foreman will hand over the PXE boot to WDS.

Okay, the configuration and automation will be the next part.

to be continued…..

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